20 August 2012

Switching Over

Hey all,

Just an FYI, if you want the latest in my adventures check out my new (old) blog... Subway Knits. If you remember, I've taken up knitting and it was too hard to manage both blogs, so I am combining my regular life blog with that of the knitting one.


05 April 2011

Dear Spring,

Please stop acting like the chorus of "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry. I need an excuse to get my Sperrys.

In other news, I survived my first full week of yoga (if you count Friday-Tuesday as the week, because I go on Friday-Sunday and either Monday and/or Tuesday due to my schedule). Not that bad! Today in hot vinyasa, I accomplished this one pose that starts in downward facing dog, lift a leg and open the hip then twist over with the opposite arm so that you are now facing the ceiling.

My hamstrings are lengthening too which is a good thing. Little by little. I am always worried about injuring myself because I have bad knees which means I can't support myself fully on the one leg when doing things like standing splits and it's not because of injury but rather genetics. Joy. So I take time outs when needed but still need to push myself.

Sick of the yoga talk yet? Hope it's alright but if anything writing it down helps me motivate myself to go more.

04 April 2011

I Just Realized!

By starting up yoga this weekend, I inadvertently crossed off one item on my 27 Before 27 List: start up yoga. I meant to start in the summer but decided to start earlier. Woot! Still taking suggestions to fill in the blanks. I think one of them will be to ride from my apartment in Queens over the Queensboro bridge (I refuse to call it the Koch Bridge) all the way down to South Street Seaport and then take the ferry to Governor's Island in the summer with The Aussie and my sister for a picnic. Or at least take our bikes on the subway to South Street and take the ferry to the island.

And in even more woot, my yoga bag came in today. I LOVE it. Very well made! Chella Bella is awesome when it comes to well-made and pretty yoga bags that are really unique. Can't wait to carry my yoga mat with me when I go to Hot Vinyasa tomrrow (couldn't make it to hot yoga today because I had a really bad stomachache).

03 April 2011

More Ow.

Went to my first Pilates class today - talk about ab work! It was really good though and definitely looking forward to it again.

One thing I learned about myself is that I have alot to do to get stronger - I hate the plank position so much because my upper body is really weak. I do like the magic ring.

Tomorrow is going to be Bikram Yoga - 90 minutes of in a 105 degree room. Wish me luck.

PS. Still taking blog and 27 Before 27 list recommendations!

02 April 2011

The Black Hole

I got this idea from Alex over at Running Just as Fast as I Can - showing you what is in my bag, that is. You can really learn a lot from what is in someone's bag.

I have a lot of bags (what woman doesn't) but I do have a bag to hold all of my necessities to get me through the workday. I will say that being a teacher there is one thing that is usually in my bag but isn't at the moment - students' papers. I'm very good about leaving class materials at work in my office and bringing only the necessities but I haven't gotten the students' first essays yet. So let's also imagine a stack of papers 2 inches thick. I'm getting 60 of those by the end of the week.

First, I'd like for you to meet my everyday bag. I call it The Black Hole. It's the Herve Chapelier N925 Tote:

What have we got inside to start with?

First is the food related stuff - I bring my coffee and my lunch to work to save money. Lunch is in a mini Herve tote bag that I got years ago, just so that my tupperware and cutlery don't go all over the place. My Kate Spade thermos really does a good job of keeping my coffee warm, and I never leave the house without my handknit coffee cozy sleeve, in case I need more coffee. Try to save a little bit of paper. 

Next, we have my makeup pouch, which was a going away present when I was leaving Japan. From left to right we have Burt's Bees cuticle cream, 2 Bobbi Brown lip glosses and 2 Burt's Bees lip balms, a Tiffany pen, L'Occitane Hand Cream and below that we have a paper clip, band-aid, post-it flags, Sea Bands, rubber band and a mirror. 

I never leave the house without a knitting project. Here we have a pattern
 for socks, the bag its in and the beginnings of a sock. 

I also don't leave without my knitting kit bag. I got this pouch when I was in Italy on my honeymoon. Next to it is a Japanese box which stores a small sewing kit, then we have my needle size checker/gauge measurer, crochet hook, knitting needles for my interchangeable set, a highlighter, and Hello Kitty tin of stitch markers. Below, we have a Wraps Per Inch gauge in the shape of a sheep (measures the thickness of yarn), a darning needle, row counter, scissors and another tin of stitch markers. 

Next, is my Kate Spade pencilcase. Lots of pens, a mini ruler, hand sanitizer, dry-erase marker and lots and lots of binder clips and paper clips. Those are my saviors. 

Last but not least, my eyeglasses and sunglasses (both Ray-Ban), Driver's Manual (going for my permit by the end of the month), iPhone (in Kate Spade case), wallet (Kate Spade) more dry-erase makers, another binder clip, keys with USB stick attached and Bloom lip balm. 

Now you see why I call this bag "The Black Hole." In addition to all that other stuff, I can also throw in a set of gym clothes and shove my hat and fingerless mitts if it gets too hot. I need to keep things in pouches, or else they get lost in the depths of the bag and then I have to take everything out in order to get to it.  In addition:
  1. While I have way too much Kate Spade stuff for one bag, my love/obsession with it does not extend to eyeglasses or sunglasses. Classic Ray-Ban all the way. I also have the aviators, but my Wayfarers are prescription for distance (my prescription is weak - I see perfectly in terms of focus, but I have excessive eye strain and am near-sighted in one eye-farsighted in another. Both pairs are supposed to help me lessen the cross-eyed effect). 
  2. One can never have too many binder/paper clips. Especially when you are a teacher and can't really rely on your department to provide such office supplies. Plus, I like my colorful and fun supplies. 
  3. 2 lip glosses (granted, one is clear) and 3 lip balms. Too much.
  4. While my Sea Bands are with me usually, I am going to get another pair to keep in the glove compartment of my parents' car just in case I forget them. I keep them in the bag so that I know where they are. 
  5. There have been times when I forgot my knitting kit bag, and really regretted it. 
Still, I love this bag. It holds so much stuff and I am a stuff person, especially during college when I needed to carry things that I would need from when I left my parent's house at 6:30 to go to class until I came home at 10pm after running around to internship, gym, and class again.

This is actually my second one - I got my first Herve bag in 2001 when I was a senior in high school and that lasted me till 2007 when I got this one in Japan at the Herve store in Kyoto during the big July sales. I can also just chuck it in the wash, which is definitely a bonus (and why I won't get Longchamp bags). 

01 April 2011

Bit Better.

Went to yoga - got my introductory 1 month unlimited membership and took a Hot Yoga Flow class. In case no one has never heard of Hot Yoga Flow, here is the class description:

A powerful blend of the healing postures of Hot Yoga with the strengthening flow of Heated Vinyasa. This class balances the entire body by strengthening, opening and flushing all the anatomical systems. The sequence is thoughtfully designed for all levels and with continued practice promises to become a moving meditation. The postures have no end nor does the perfect, ultimate posture exist. Hot Yoga Flow is a yoga practice students can evolve and enjoy throughout their lifetime. 

Here is a couple of things I picked up from the class:

1. I hate hate hate the plank. Boo hiss. 
2. Because I have overtight Achilles tendons (I "bounce" when I walk because I can't put my heel down all the way. I have to think "heel, toe, heel, toe." Ironically this doesn't help me wear heels) I can't do a really proper Downward Facing Dog. 
4. My lower back is very tight. 
5. I need good yoga shorts/capris for hot yoga. 
6. Mixing Gatorade with water does really help. The only reason why I stopped because 1 position was a bit difficult for me to do and I got out of Child's Pose too quickly and was lightheaded. 
7. Oh my poor knees. I have really bad knees - and it' not because of injury, but genetics. They creak. I'm hoping yoga will help. 

My body was shaking after class which was because I was using new muscles. Hoo, boy. I think I am going to be in it tomorrow. But I have a date with Little Sister to go to the 4:30 Hot Yoga Flow class and want to make my unlimited pass worth the money. 

Have to say, I do feel a bit better mentally. More relaxed, at least. 

31 March 2011

Trying to Find Inner Peace.

One two separate occasions this week, I almost quit my job. The one at the tutoring center that is. I could go on and on for a good 20 minutes about how poorly run and dirty it is, how my coworkers are immature dirty hipsters and how most students mistreat tutors in terms of what we are supposed to do.

But I won't. Because I have done so and I am trying to just survive there these days. I totally disagreed with something my day supervisor did to me today and she never lets anyone get a word in, so I decided from now on to just keep my mouth shut, and leave there on a good note.

I hope to never come back. You can get too comfortable there. One of my coworkers, who is also an adjunct told me that after his son was born he had an epiphany on how he realized that he was there for 10 years and does not know what to do next.

Don't get me wrong I love my classes. I have a good rapport with students (one called me a "groovy teacher" this week) and I get to teach them about Japan through writing and can change it up in a couple of years. For me, given that I will be teaching Special Education in the public schools this fall and going for my second Master's, I'm content with doing the professor thing on the side.

But the tutoring can suck the life and soul out of you.

That being said, I hope just getting this out there will purge me of the negativity and stress I've had as of late. I'm stress eating again, which isn't doing me any good. And while Curves really helped me lose the weight I needed so I can fit into my wedding dress, it isn't working anymore. My knees have also been bothering me as of late. That part is hereditary. But it's getting worse.

After realizing that this summer when I begin my program to become a teacher (there is a mandatory accelerated summer session) I will not be able to go to Curves at all. The timing won't work and it's not open Sundays. I'm also hoping to swing a Saturday class at the college to make a little extra money. Curves is open from 9-2 on Saturdays, so I can't make it there then.

I reconfigured my budget, and I am going to start going to Yoga at the studio in my neighborhood. I've been there before and Little Sister goes there too, so I know the teachers are great. I'm going to start again Hot Yoga (various forms) and they also have beginners Pilates classes on Sunday mornings. With the may my schedule is this semester, I can go Fridays-Mondays and maybe swing a Tuesday depending on how my body feels.

I am actually looking really forward to it - I know my body is going to be crying after this weekend, but it will be a good thing, especially if it also helps me regain a bit of my inner mental peace and help me feel a bit better and stronger about myself.

It also helps that Little Sister got me a new yoga bag since she took mine when she started up yoga. Pretty, no?