30 January 2010

Going for Gold!

I finished 1 of a pair of socks today - I'm such a slow knitter, it has taken a month for me to just knit one sock:
Let see the cables up close shall we?
I'm definitely going to have to step up the ante - the Olympics are coming up (woo!) and that means the Ravelympics are sneaking up on me as well. They are a kind of "Knitting Olympics" on Ravelry, the knitting/crochet website that I am on. I am on three different teams, and while one particular project can count for multiple events, only one project can count for each team. So here are my projects (and some photos of what others have done) and their events:

1. Selbu Modern (Team Stash 'n' Burn, Events: Hat Halfpipe and Nordic Colorwork Combined):2. Rattlesnake Creek Socks (the socks you just saw above for Team Stash 'n' Burn, Event: WIPs/Works-in-Progress Dancing)

3. Fiddlehead Mittens (Team Unicorns Unlimited, Events: Mittens Moguls, Nordic Colorwork Combined):4. French Press Cozy (Team Unicorns Unlimited, Event: WIPs Dancing):5. Toddler Basketweave Socks (Team Greece, Events: Junior Olympics, Sock Hockey, Stash Compulsory Dance):6. Springtime Beret (Team Greece, Events: Hat Halfpipe, Stash Compulsory Dance):Note: only the first two pictures of my Rattlesnake Creek socks are mine, the rest I swiped off Ravelry to give people a sense of what I will be knitting (FO's or Final Objects will be posted of course!) and I provided links to those patterns that can also be found off Ravelry (though if you are a knitter/crocheter and not on Ravelry, you are reaaaaaally missing out!)

I think I have figured out a plan of attack for all of this crazy stuff: finish those WIPs ASAP (including as of this afternoon) because the idea for the Ravelympics is that you are supposed to cast on new projects the night of the Opening Ceremonies, but those that are a work-in-progress have their own category and cannot count for another (say, my socks are a WIP, but they can't count for Sock Hockey because they aren't a new project). Once those are out of the way, it's a flight to the finish.

Maybe I should have been on Team Hopelessly Overcommited (yup, there is a team called that).

Wish me luck!

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