21 January 2010

:::Head Desk:::

Help. Me.

I have run out of blog inspiration...and this is coming from the person who has really long blog posts. I still have to (kinda? sorta? Does anyone even really care?) post the rest of the wedding photos, but the pro ones came and I'm a bit disappointed in them (we were "matched" with our photographer through a biggish photo company because we couldn't afford an "independent" one, and at the time I was so stressed with grad school that I didn't really give a damn, which I regret).

Too many photos of the guests themselves and not enough of The Aussie and me, which is why I am terrified to go through the 1000+ images on the 2 DVDs we got. And this October, I am going to try and hire a photographer to do a "one-year anniversary" photo shoot a la engagement photo shoot style because we couldn't afford it and dammit we didn't get any of those "good" shots during the wedding.

Maybe I'll do a couple of posts on my latest knitting projects. I've been knitting up a storm lately.


  1. Awwww I'm sorry you're not happy with your wedding pics!

  2. Wedding photos and knitting!!!

  3. I wasn't happy with my wedding photos either. I swear it's one of those things that you are so hyped up about, which is why it's difficult to get over. It does, though. I promise.

    How is your new home?