30 January 2010

Julie & Julia

So I'm watching "Julie and Julia" and I have to say, I am not one of Julie Powell's fans. I have not read her book so I'm pretty basing my opinion on the movie (which I am watching at the moment) but what reaaaaally got me was her whining about her moving from Brooklyn to Queens as if it was the end of the world in the first 30 seconds of the movie (though I'll admit, me moving from Astoria to Bay Ridge would be the same for me and I have whined about it on my other blog).

Way to make a first impression; I just really don't sympathize with her. In the meltdown scene before the reporter called, it was as if she was just going to give up and the only reason why she kept going was because the reporter called which meant she was getting public recognition.

I'm enjoying the Julia storyline much more than Julie's although seeing bits of Astoria/LIC (I live 3 blocks away from the fishstore where the lobster-buying scene is filmed) is fun - seeing Coach Sue from Glee in a dress as Julia Child's sister is hilarious!

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  1. I couldn't stand Julie Powell's tone in her book or the movie. She is one of those whiners it's hard to sympathize with.