31 January 2010

Let There Be (just the Right Amount of) Light

The Aussie likes to watch tv in the dark. I also like to watch movies in the dark.

But I also like to knit while watching movies and I need to see what I am doing, since I have not quite yet mastered the art of not looking while knitting.

Hence the conundrum - while we only have one of our 3 lightbulbs in our ceiling fan screwed in (when people come over then we turn all of them on, saves us a ton of money on the electric bill) sometimes a overhead light can be a bit annoying.

The solution? I bought a lamp today. I originally thought I was going to get this set from JC Penney, but I wasn't impressed at all by the lamp shades. It was just eh for me. I have this thing for drum shades, and those lampshades were too tiny in proportion to the lamp. I sound very picky, but at the end of the day even though it was 3 lamps for $80, I couldn't reconcile with the fact that I reaaaaaly would love them if I went out and spent more money on getting good lamp shades for them. Blah.

Then The Aussie revealed the fact that he couldn't care less about a lamp since he "doesn't use them." So that meant I could just get one lamp that I really really like as opposed to finding 2 lamps for the living room that I was meh about.

This was the lamp that I ended up with:That is how it looks with our current living room setup (on the To Do List: make pillow covers for the throw pillows that came with our couch, get curtains and start framing stuff). It's pretty bright so I need to get a smaller lightbulb that isn't so "white."

There is nary a drum shade to be seen, but I really like it (Once those two little tables in front of the couch resume their proper function as end tables again, I WILL get a table lamp with a drum shade, I really am feeling this base from Target).

Here is the kicker - it's called an "Antique Pharmacy Lamp" and while I didn't get it from either Restoration Hardware ($699!!!) or Pottery Barn ($279!!! Yikes!!!) Don'tcha think my lamp looks pretty similar?
Restoration Hardware's Rowan Pharmacy Floor Task Lamp
Pottery Barn's Hayes Task Floor Lamp

For a floor lamp, I think mine is quite spiffy. What do you think?

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