23 January 2010

We Have a New TV!

One word can describe the feelings I have surrounding "The TV":


We got a new 46" Toshiba flat-screen tv, which was a major upgrade from our circa 1998 (?) hand-me-down tv that I guess had a 20" screen. We got rid of it (as in, it's in my parents garage), but imagine one of those old tv's that have the "bum" in the back. So we really needed a tv, because our living room looked like a big hole and the old tv was pretty far from us in the corner - we had to squint to see subtitles!

It used to sit on an IKEA end table. The "bum" was hanging off the end, and that constituted our "media center." Complete with rabbit ears. I kid you not. We had the DVD player and the dvds on the shelves below.

This is what our current "media" situation is like:
It's BIG. I took that picture sitting right across from the couch with no zoom. As in, we may have overestimated the size that would suit our living room (a 40" miiiiiight have been better, but hey, go big or go home I guess). We FINALLY got rid of the old school rabbit ears because we refuse to get cable (never home during the day) and replaced it with a spiffy new HDTV antenna (that still has rabbit ears, but they are hidden:
PLEASE tell me it looks like a sideways Christmas tree. However, it kinda sucks so we are returning it.

We have the tv on the coffee table now and are using our end tables as a coffee table, because we are planning to get this media console from Crate and Barrel and later add the side towers, but need to save up for it (and also want to check out some other places first):
Our living room is a bit of a mess, but hopefully the situation will be rectified by the end of the summer. In the meantime, I can deal with the mess so long as we end up with something that we will keep and use for a very long time.

To go with the TV we got a subscription to Netflix (in lieu of cable), and using some Best Buy gift cards bought a PS3 ((wifi, hd-dvd and Blu-Ray oh my!) and got rid of the old dvd player - did you know with the new TVs if you want the best picture you need to get an hdtv-ready dvd player too? . We have a queue set up, but I also created my own queue, which I posted in the sidebar and will cross off as we watch the movies.

Our Netflix DVD for the PS3 should be coming tomorrow so that means we can stream to our tv! I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. I just watched the Darjeeling Limited last week. It was the second time, and I enjoyed it much more then the first. I also watched Whip It recently and really liked it.