29 January 2010

Whoosh, Whoosh

Yikes! It was sooooo windy today! Just walking the 3 blocks from the apartment to the (elevated) train station and then the 2 blocks from the (elevated) train station to work today and back gave me windburn. Sure I had my hood up, a scarf up to my eyes, but the wind was so strong that there are two big, round patches of pink of my cheeks.

It actually got bigger and pinker over the course of the day because I had to get home and then I went out to and from the laundromat twice since Friday night is laundry night.

I felt like I was in the Arctic tundra and I was really unprepared today: I did have my North Face parka, earmuffs and Thinsulate mittens, but I only wore a tank, tshirt and a wool zip cardigan and forgot to put on my cycling leggings underneath my jeans, so my thighs were like two blocks of ice. Add to the fact that I was walking against the direction of the wind and calling today's commute "fecking cold" is an understatement.

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