30 January 2010


The Aussie and I have been cooped up in the apartment all day (hence the third post of the day and scores of movie watching) due to the nasty cold weather. While we both saw "Julie and Julia" we had our own personal endeavors for the day: I knitted, while The Aussie continues on his quest to Master the Art of Making a New York Cheesecake. Et voila!
The first time he made it there were two huge cracks in it, and now after the third (maybe fourth?) there is only that teeny little one at the top. This one is for his parents, we also have half a cheesecake left in the fridge from when he made it last week. As someone who LOVES cheesecake, the cracks do not bother me at all, it tastes delicious!

He got the recipe from AllRecipes.com; if you plan to make it (totally worth it) make sure to read all Tips for Making a Cheesecake. The first time he made it he didn't realize these existed, so the cheesecake was a couple of pastry crusts short of a cheesecake souffle.

The Aussie really kicks cooking butt. Now if only I can convince him (or I will do it myself, using his precious KitchenAid Mixer and all) to make chocolate mousse cheesecake.

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