21 February 2010

Oh, Beautiful Day

The Aussie and I went for a walk around our neighborhood this morning. Barring the wind, it was quite lovely; I even had to wip out the sunglasses because it was so sunny.

Our route was pretty basic (just a square with two of the main shopping drags as two of the sides) and we picked up Starbucks along the way. It's a good thing that I don't have a Starbucks within a 2 minute walking distance, else I'd be totally broke.

When I lived with my parents, I had to take a bus to the subway stop and there was a Starbucks right on the corner. The Aussie and I used to spend our Saturday mornings at that particular Starbucks in college doing our homework. We would listen to the old Greek men discussing politics, and had to get there really early (about 9am? The Aussie would take the train from Brooklyn to meet with me) before they grabbed the only big table in the corner.

Mornings like today remind me of those Saturdays.

14 February 2010

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day! What are your plans? The Aussie and I kinda celebrated last night since February 12 was our ten year dating-anniversary. More details on that later...right now I'm kinda riding on a bit of a high now because I was able to turn this mess:
Into this piece of yarn-cake glory without ANY cutting or knots:
It took me about 4 hours over two days to get it done, but my first event for the Ravelympics (Aerial Unwind: you frog/take apart a project that you don't like, and rewind the yarn for future use) is complete! Onward to Mitten Moguls and the Hat Halfpipe!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

12 February 2010

Who's Ready for the Olympics?

I am! Woo!
And so are the mascots. Aren't they ADORABLE?

I LOVE the Olympics. You can bet that I will be parked on the couch tonight watching the show and watching some of my favorite events (short track, figure skating, freestyle skiing, just skiing in general) - and knitting along!

The Ravelympics start tonight at 9pm - tons of knitters, crocheters, spinners, dyers and weavers will be starting their projects the minute the Opening Ceremonies start. They even have their own Master of Ceremonies/Mascot:He is known as Adonis Dionysus Bobicus Maximus, or Bob. In real life, he is the pet French Bulldog of Ravelry's founders.

I'll be posting my status updates as I go along - wish me luck!

10 February 2010

Masochists, I Tell You!

So...almost all of the colleges in the CUNY system are either completely closed today, or have cancelled their classes.

Where am I blogging from?

In a classroom at my CUNY school, waiting for students to arrive to lab.

Boo hiss.

09 February 2010

Snow-mageddon 2010!

So last weekend, the snow only made it as far of as Staten Island. Everyone in the NYC area was pretty much poo-pooing over the fact that NYC was supposed to get 12-18 inches last weekend; there was barely a flurry in my part of Queens. The Aussie and I took advantage of it and went to BJ's to stock up on groceries.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the real-deal Snow-mageddon; the NYC Department of Education closed the schools a DAY IN ADVANCE which is never done. Heck, snow days in NYC are just rare. My mom (she works as an assistant teacher in a public elementary school) is thrilled.

Personally, I think everyone is going gaga over this because the news cycle is pretty slow - anyone remember the 1996 Nor'Easter? The public schools in NYC were closed for THREE DAYS. Now that was a storm. If the schools are still closed on Thursday then I will believe that this was the "storm of the century."

My sister and I are waiting with bated breath to see if our CUNY schools close - she is taking some graduate art history classes at one, while I work at another. So far, neither of our schools are listed as the closed ones (go figure, because hers is on top of a subway station and mine is next to a subway station) while the others are in the middle of nowhere.

So, what are your plans for the so-called "Snow-mageddon"?

05 February 2010

My Knitting Self Squeals With Delight

So you know those "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters that are popping up everywhere? The history behind the posters is really interesting. The parodies are ridiculously awesome - if I ever become a professor with my own office, I might just want to hang this just to scare students (muah ha ha...I have a really bad sense of humor sometimes):
That should pretty much set the record straight.

Anywhooo, there are TONS of parodies out there - the easiest thing to do is go to Etsy and type "Keep Calm and Carry On prints" - this is what you end up with. KeepCalmShop has some of the best ones out there.

While browsing through Ravelry for some pattern ideas (as if I do not have 300+ things I want to knit already - dead serious) I saw a thread in the forums about these posters, but the Ravelry edition so to speak:So fun! I love how they incorporated knitting/crochet notions into the design of the crown. I am totally going to pre-order the knit version (as I cannot crochet to save my life, except for a chain that is used in a particular kind of cast-on for knitting). I also plan to get one or two others in the future: Keep Calm and Travel On, and Keep Calm and Ride On.

02 February 2010

Men Are Strange Creatures

Ever since I got back from Japan, I occasionally tell The Aussie that we should hang 1 of the 2 kimono on a nice curtain rod as a decorative piece. He always refused or just didn't bother with it.

But, OOOOHHHH (insert sarcasm here), since he saw it in an episode of "The Office" in Jan's apartment, he is all for it.

Men. Seriously.

01 February 2010


I haven't posted any pictures of Ollie in awhile, so now is a good a time as any:
He usually ends up like this throughout the day, even when he is sleeping on the heater. Weirdly enough, however, he HATES getting his belly rubbed. Hard to resist, though.

The catnip mouse on a stick is his favorite toy - if I do it long enough, he leaps through the air. Although I think he is falling in love with the tennis ball in the first picture (I tell you, this is a teeny tiny dog in cat's clothing).