03 March 2010

26 Before 26

One of the blogs I read, Slice of Pink, did this really neat thing where she listed 30 things to do before she turned 30. She inspired me to create my own list of things to do before I turn 26. Wish me luck!

1. Visit the Guggenheim museum
2. Visit a Long Island winery
3. Make 10 different cupcakes (1 for each month left in the year) from Cupcakes Galore
4. Master 4 of my favorite childhood recipes: Pastitsio, Avgolemono with Chicken (my kind of chicken soup) Karidopita and Galaktobureko
5. Knit a sweater
6. Lose 10 pounds - and keep it off
7. Go to one of the yarn/wool/craft festivals (Maryland Sheep & Wool)
8. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and back
9. See another ballet besides The Nutcracker
10. Go to a country/area of the United States I haven't been to yet
11. Hiking somewhere in the Catskills or Bear Mountain
12. Go to a trivia night/quizzo at a bar
13. Decorate my apartment
14. Ride in the Tour de Brooklyn, Tour de Queens, or complete a century ride - since my first one ended up with me in the ER.
15. Go to the Chelsea Flea market on weekend
16. Submit my master's thesis to scholarly journals
17. Have a dinner/cocktail/wine & cheese party for no reason whatsoever and go all out (invitations, outifts, the nice dishes, etc.)
18. See a movie at the Ziegfeld theater
19. Go eat Indian food in Jackson Heights
20. See live Greek music
21. Learn how to sew
22. Go to a museum exhibition (or 2, or 3...)
24. Spin my own yarn (and not just practice spinning)
25. Apple picking
26. Print out and create/finish my London and Japan photo albums; create a wedding album.

Bonus Points:

a. Get my learner's permit
b. Go to one of the Australian-cuisine restaurants on the Lower East Side
c. Knit a throw blanket
d. knit something with handspun yarn
e. read a new book for each month left in the year
f. Update my recipe box


  1. That is a good list! I'm thinking about doing this too!