09 February 2010

Snow-mageddon 2010!

So last weekend, the snow only made it as far of as Staten Island. Everyone in the NYC area was pretty much poo-pooing over the fact that NYC was supposed to get 12-18 inches last weekend; there was barely a flurry in my part of Queens. The Aussie and I took advantage of it and went to BJ's to stock up on groceries.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the real-deal Snow-mageddon; the NYC Department of Education closed the schools a DAY IN ADVANCE which is never done. Heck, snow days in NYC are just rare. My mom (she works as an assistant teacher in a public elementary school) is thrilled.

Personally, I think everyone is going gaga over this because the news cycle is pretty slow - anyone remember the 1996 Nor'Easter? The public schools in NYC were closed for THREE DAYS. Now that was a storm. If the schools are still closed on Thursday then I will believe that this was the "storm of the century."

My sister and I are waiting with bated breath to see if our CUNY schools close - she is taking some graduate art history classes at one, while I work at another. So far, neither of our schools are listed as the closed ones (go figure, because hers is on top of a subway station and mine is next to a subway station) while the others are in the middle of nowhere.

So, what are your plans for the so-called "Snow-mageddon"?


  1. I got a call saying school was cancelled around 5pm. I plan on sleeping in and baking cookies tomorrow!

    I bet your school gets cancelled too!

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!