12 March 2010

Finally, A Place Where I Can Get A Bike With a Basket

I REALLY want this bike if I am ever able to sell my Trek 7200 Hybrid step-through bike with both seat and front-wheel suspension (any takers?):It's from this new bike company called Public. Their idea is to create European-style bikes for the American market. My reaction? HALLELUJAH. I've been looking for a bike like this to zip around the city with in a flowery skirt and cute shoes (pipe dream really - I'll settle for bermuda shorts and a cute shirt with my Superga sneakers. I've ridden a bike in heels and those little suckers make you slip even while you're still sitting on the seat, unless you have clips. The pedals also chew the bottom of the shoe).

It's a bit wrong of me I think that I am more concerned with upgrading (or downgrading, depends on how you look at it because I have to admit, the Trek is really really good with those potholes) my everyday bike instead of building up my "Spandex Glory" cycling skills so I can get a carbon fiber bike (again, unless I get a kick-ass job anytime soon, another pipe-dream).

And really, who wouldn't want to buy a bike from a company that has bunnies photographed along with the bikes?

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