01 March 2010

Long Time No See

Hello all. It's been awhile. The weather is getting nicer here, and Spring is definitely in the air. I am still on vacation and a bit bored out of my mind. However, that doesn't mean I have not been preparing for the new term for next week:
Grammar terms. Gotta review them, and take a test tomorrow at my job. But, to make it more fun for me, I used my brand new Staedtler pens in Spring colors. I LOVE color pens, and these seem like they definitely do the job of grading, color coding and general doodling and in fine point (.3mm).
I also got a new notebook in Spring Green to take notes for my lesson plans in - going to teach remedial/basic writing (2 courses) this semester using Greek Myths as readings. It's going to be fun and challenging. Apologies for my crap handwriting though, as I am wearing this:Good thing those pens are ergonomic. People ask me what happened to my wrist and I tell them that this hat happened to it:That picture was taken while it was drying over a dinner plate. The pattern is called Selbu Modern and it was my first complete fair-isle project. The colors are navy and what looks like orange in the photo, is really coral (navy and coral is one of my favorite color combinations).

It took a whole season and one more episode of The Tudors to finish it, but I knitted for 6 hours straight on both Saturday and Sunday (total of 12 hours) last without taking substantial breaks. Very, very bad idea.

The muscle strain started when I tried to knit the Fiddlehead Mittens. This was all last week; I didn't get the brace till last Friday and since I'm lefthanded it was just a bit worse. I've been wearing it 24/7 and will do for all of this week; I will also not knit a stitch this week. Next week, I'll start knitting very slowly with the brace on and see how it goes. Kinda hard to not knit when all of this amazing yarn has been arriving in my mailbox these past few weeks:

All of the yarn is hand-dyed, the "Starry" yarn has a bit of sparkle to it. The dark blue I'm planning to make a shawl with, "Starry" I'm thinking of something for my baby godsister, the MadeleineTosh a cowl of some sort, and the rest are socks. The last yarn, Three Irish Girls actually has bamboo in it. It's soooo soft.

The colors in the pictures are pretty true to real life, thanks to a new camera that The Aussie got me/us for our 10-year dating anniversary. I've been playing around with the Manual feature, though the kitchen light is horrible and that is why the picture of my hat looks more orange than pink.

I'm so sad that the Olympics are over. I loved the whole campy set with Michael Buble singing along to some song about maple leafs. These Olympics were pretty good. This month is the World Figure Skating Championships and while I do not have cable, I do have Universal Sports.


  1. The hat is AMAZING! I can't even imagine attempting that.

  2. I am way jealous of those pens! I have Staedtler highlighters and love them. Maybe I'll have my secretary track down the pens. :)

    I LOVE that hat. I can't even make scarfs!