26 March 2010

A Roman Honeymoon

After months of hemming, hawing and a month-long moratorium on the phrase "Italian Honeymoon," I finally have some news to report.

The Aussie and I are FINALLY going on our honeymoon! Viva Italia! Buon Viaggio!

This means that number 10 of my 26 Before 26: - Go to a country/area of the United States I haven't been to yet - is complete! Cross that one off the list.

Long story short, we weren't sure if we could go, then the Tax Man came in and the fact that the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) are really ruining the Euro helped - the plane tickets are cheaper now than they were a few months ago.

We fly into Venice on Aer Lingus via Dublin on 8/12 (10.5 year dating anniversary!) stay till 8/13, and make our way down the boot: Florence from 8/13-8/15 and Rome from 8/15 till 8/21.

Little Sister's Italy expertise (she lived in Rome for a year) will be called in for this trip, especially for transportation; she only paid 15 euros as opposed to $65 to go from Rome to Venice so going local and avoiding tourist stuff will definitely pay off. That, and I want to try and squeeze a day trip to Capri, since we can't get to Ravenna.

The Aussie just booked our tickets and I got the confirmation email - woo! So excited! We definitely know where we are going to stay in Rome, but does anyone have any recommendations for Venice and Florence?


  1. So exciting!

    We stayed at the Hotel Orion in Venice and loved it! It was a tiny hotel but our room was a decent size, the bathroom was amazing for Italy, and the location is perfect, right off of St. Mark's Square. I recall that it was not cheap, but we went in the off season and got a great deal.

  2. Yay! Congrats, you guys will have a fantastic time!