06 March 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'm Cycling, Tomorrow

Today is a gorgeous day! So will tomorrow - which means The Aussie wants to ride his bike. Lately he has been whining that he really wants a Madone as opposed to the Orbea bike that he has; I'm just shaking my head and reminding him that we already have THREE bikes in our apartment and no room for a 4th. He is not going to mount another bike on another wall in our living room. I have plans for said wall.

The Aussie is dragging me along the ride as well - although I am doing it a bit begrudgingly and with a few conditions:

1. Not 50 miles in one shot
2. Not over 15mph
3. We do not ride over the 59th Street Bridge to go home.

The main reasons for these conditions is that I am a bit out of shape and more importantly, I'm still getting used to my clipless pedals. When you ride over the bridge from Manhattan into Queens, there is a slightly steep incline, then you coast down at around 30mph into Queens (and oncoming traffic). Not the best idea when I am locked into my pedals in case something happens.

Granted, I won't look like an idiot this season, since I have said shoes and pedals.

1 comment:

  1. you'll get used to the clips in no time. we have to ride together one time this summer (and then stop for tea and cookies).