17 March 2010

Wanted: A Little Black Dress

Confession: I am 25 years old and I do not own my own Little Black Dress.

I have this black and white dress but its more of a day dress; this lack of the LBD proves a problem when you and your husband are invited to his godfather's birthday party out on Long Island at a fancy catering place, and the invitation says, "Black and White Attire."

A lot of things ran through my head when I read that and I will not repeat those here.

I don't do black and white. It washes me out like no tomorrow. Heck, I don't think I own anything black in my closet, except for my suit (which for some may come as a shocker - this New Yorker does NOT wear black).

I have two options: either suck it up and get a black dress, or not go.

This dress is making my decision a wee bit more difficult. The not going decision that is. Because this is a black dress that I actually like (pigs have flown!):It's the optical illusion dress from Anthropologie. Reviews of the dress have been pretty good, saying that curvy, chesty gals (like me) fit the bill for it. I love how it mildly screams Mad Men too.

Now my question for you sartorial ladies: would this be a dress that you could also wear to a wedding? I have a wedding in June 2011 (my godsister's) that I am going to and in the name of economy, I will get this dress if I can reasonably wear it to the wedding.


  1. I definitely think you could.

  2. Yes yes and yes! You could wear this to so many events, even out for drinks with the Aussie!

  3. Dress is on sale at Anthro. Thought I'd let ya' know.