17 April 2010

River Rocks

I finally finished my first shawl: the Akimbo, designed by Stephen West. I call it "River Rocks" because the multicolored and solid yarns I used for this remind me of looking through a crystal clear river to the flat rocks within.
I kinda like wearing it more like a scarf around my neck. Perfect for this recent bout of cold weather we've been having.


  1. This is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The colors, the detail, the name and even how you framed the shawl in photos. You must be so proud!

  2. Hello from a first time commenter, reader of your first blog.Your shawl is beautiful,
    soon you'll be ready to open your own ETSY shop.

  3. wow! stunning shawl. i wish i was talented enough to create something like that. i can sew a button on a pair of pants. that's it. really. thanks for sharing and take care.