13 May 2010

26 Before 26 Update

Since one thing has already been crossed off my 26 Before 26 list, I thought I'd update you all on what I've been up to lately:

Item #22: Going to a Museum Exhibition (Completed April 2, 2010)

Before it closed, I went to the Tim Burton exhibition at the MoMA during the Target Free Fridays:
I went with one of my friends from my knitting group, L, and her son who is the most amazing 11-year-old I have ever met. He gave me a big hug before we left our separate ways to the different subway stations. The exhibition was pretty cool (I never knew he was a part of "Beetlejuice"!) but a bit creepy.

I still want to take the chance to see more museum exhibitions. Up next on the museum docket: Item #1 on the list, which is going to the Guggenheim. It's right bloody expensive but Little Sister, who volunteers with a group at the Met Museum gets in free anywhere with her Met ID. Free tickets to the Guggenheim!

Item #7: Go to one of the wool/yarn festivals (May 1 &2, 2010).

This is the one thing I have been dying to do ever since I became a knitter and 3 years later, I finally went! I went with my knitting group who is scattered mostly all over the country and we congregated in Maryland for a rolickin' good time.

I went pretty crazy over the sight of the sheep while everyone laughed at me (I've never seen sheep this close before), and alpacas but unfortunately, there were no angora bunnies to be had. I'm holding a gigantic cup of lemonade, my parasol and have my sleeves rolled up into my bra straps because it was ridiculously sunny and hot.
This is a picture of my haul (the cost of which, while QUITE modest compared to most people - the girls in my group said I was pretty thrifty; I budgeted and I went in with specific patterns to get yarn for, complete with price comparisons on my iTouch - has been the subject of quite a kerfluffle within my family, particularly The Aussie. He nearly had a heart attack when he saw one of the price tags by accident and heard the total amount. He will get over it).
There is another festival up in Rhinebeck, NY (by Poughkeepsie) but I think it's best that I stay home for that one. The next day, we went and saw Edgar Allen Poe's grave, as we were in Baltimore for the weekend.

We all plan to meet up again next year, which is going to be just as exciting since there were alot of things I missed (like awesome yarn at 50% off) and people who couldn't make it this year will be there next year.

On a sad note however, I did something that no one ever really likes doing: attend a funeral. My dad's best friend of 35 years passed away last week, and I attended my first Greek funeral. Very sad and very emotional.

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