21 May 2010

Cross Another off the List

Item #9: See a ballet besides The Nutcracker.
I did ballet as a kid and LOVED the Nutcracker, but to this day it's the only production I've seen at Lincoln Center. My mom got tickets to Don Quixote from the principal at her school so we are going for free!

My sister will be there too but on the other side of the seat so to speak - she is an usher at the Metropolitan Opera House. She started her senior year of college and is doing it now while she starts up grad school. Last week, she got The Aussie and I tickets to see The Flying Dutchman opera. Fell asleep a bit during the first act - German opera isn't really my cup of tea, but hey no one turns down free orchestra tickets. Especially when it's at the Metropolitan Opera House.

In other news, The Aussie is showing an interesting change of behavior lately. Normally he whines and cries abut Whole Foods being expensive; he went there not one but two days in a row. Normally he gets his recipes for dinner from allrecipes.com, now he goes to Real Simple (I got a magazine subscription).

Can't help but say it kinda makes me smile and say, "I TOLD you so."

1 comment:

  1. i think i would've nodded off, too. i long to see a ballet. i danced for 6+ years {and still dance in the privacy of my bedroom in my old ballet shoes}and miss it. unfortunately, my husband is a no-ballet-ever guy. we are moving and once we are settled, i'm signing up for ballet classes. very excited. i need to create a list like yours. take care.