22 May 2010

Jet-Setting, But What Luggage?

The one luggage set I own is a pretty big Samsonite 2-piece set in olive green. For 8 days in Italy, especially when you are lugging a suitcase over teeny-tiny streets with cobblestones and through airports and train stations, big suitcases is not the best idea. And I need a weekend/overnight luggage bag/suitcase anyway. Lugging my LeSportSac duffel through the streets of Manhattan after MS&W was not my idea of fun.

I'm window-shopping through Target and this caught my eye:
A vintage-style luggage set! This totally looks like the hella overpriced one from J.Crew, except in red. It's good for carry-on size but I'm trying to find a picture of it open.

What do you think? Should I eschew the regular black suitcase and go for something like this for the honeymoon? All I need are big Jackie-O sunglasses, since I've got the capris, white tunic top and espadrille flats down pat.

Unless I can get the carry-on of the Kate Spade Lisbon luggage set for under $100...it's a dream but if anyone hears anything, let me know!

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