29 June 2010

Tweet Tweet

Finally joined twitter: @fuerivenus.

24 June 2010

Say Hello to Audrey

Isn't she a beaut?Much like her namesake, this Audrey also "wears" a black turtleneck.

I am having so much fun with my new iPhone. Especially when it comes to photography - the camera is amazing. Here is a panoramic photo of my bedroom taken with the Pano app:When I came across this app, my first reaction was, "This would be PERFECT for Italy!" Imagine the panoramic landscape shots I can get with this. It will take a little bit of practice. I've been to the Pano Flickr group, and some of the photos are really beautiful. I've also downloaded Hipstamatic and iMovie; can't wait to try those out!

23 June 2010

Summer Eats

It's been really hot lately (especially today!) so The Aussie and I have been eating lighter fare. We both love eating tapas style, so a couple of nights ago, we made our own tapas plates for dinner: canteloupe, fresh bread, prosciutto di parma, manchego cheese, homemade sundried tomato tapenade, olives and crackers.
Like I mentioned before, Ollie got in on the prosciutto action:


I think my blog is broken...

ETA: Phew! One of my friends told me all she got was a white screen. Coming up in blog posts: I go to the ballet (twice!), meeting up with my knitting friends (again!) and I FINALLY started my first sweater, which is actually a cardigan, but I thought was really a sweater. And school started again. The countdown to Italy begins.

15 June 2010

New Phone!

I waited an hour to buy a cell phone. I must be crazy.
Just pre-ordered my iPhone 4 today. Contrary to lots of reports about people saying they were having alot of problems, it was really easy for me, but alot of people are also saying that its easier for new customers since I didn't have to deal with the red tape regarding upgrades.

Another reason why I didn't have any problems is because I went to the ATT store in person; they were really organized (they had a sign in sheet so you can come and go as you please so long as you are back in time when you are at the front of the line) and since I get an Educator's Discount (woo!) I needed the paperwork for that and better be done in person. The lady who processed me was really sweet about the fact that my state ID (my VERY expired learner's permit) was in fact expired; she said "I don't want to turn you away after waiting for so long."

Note to self: go to DMV on Friday. Take learner's permit test. If fail, get NY State ID for the time being.

I kinda wanted the white one but no one knows when that one is coming out and at the end of the day, an iPhone is an iPhone. White shows scratches more anyway. So far, my experience with ATT has been very nice, customer-service wise. Can't wait to record some video and make a movie of my Italian honeymoon.

08 June 2010

Gourmet Cat

My cat likes prosciutto and manchego cheese. From Whole Foods, natch.

The Aussie spoils him rotten.

07 June 2010

Weekend Update

The semester is almost over! I have to just put the grades in and get over my cold, hence the lack of posting. Hopefully everything will be done by Thursday and then I am free until the 21st, when I start teaching the summer session - a six week dash till early August; grades are due by August 11 at noon and then on August 11 at 5:45 pm, I will be on a plane to Italy!

The family and I went out to Long Island this past weekend (with a weeeeee quick pit-stop at the Kate Spade outlet, where I picked up the Keswick Caning studs in gold, Little Sis got the same ones in the drop earring style) for an engagement party.

My camera died so there aren't that many pictures. Still, we had a good time:
My sister, mom and I
The Aussie and IMy dad and I

It was so hot, The Aussie stole my vintage Japanese fan that I brought with me:
It has been very hot in NYC this past weekend and just now, we got a bit of a break. Still, its so cold at work, that I have to wear a cardigan and even my new Ptarmigan cowl that I finished last month.