24 June 2010

Say Hello to Audrey

Isn't she a beaut?Much like her namesake, this Audrey also "wears" a black turtleneck.

I am having so much fun with my new iPhone. Especially when it comes to photography - the camera is amazing. Here is a panoramic photo of my bedroom taken with the Pano app:When I came across this app, my first reaction was, "This would be PERFECT for Italy!" Imagine the panoramic landscape shots I can get with this. It will take a little bit of practice. I've been to the Pano Flickr group, and some of the photos are really beautiful. I've also downloaded Hipstamatic and iMovie; can't wait to try those out!

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  1. everyone i know is getting iPhones and these App thingies. i got a blackberry last year and it's lame compared to the iPhone. the pictures friends and family are taking with it are beyond amazing. enjoy!