23 June 2010


I think my blog is broken...

ETA: Phew! One of my friends told me all she got was a white screen. Coming up in blog posts: I go to the ballet (twice!), meeting up with my knitting friends (again!) and I FINALLY started my first sweater, which is actually a cardigan, but I thought was really a sweater. And school started again. The countdown to Italy begins.


  1. I get a white screen when I try to open your blog in Apple's Safari. But firefox works like a charm. (And it more than likely could be my computer).

  2. i've been getting the white screen, but it's all fixed now;) Italy? so jealous. i visited there in '94 and hope to return again someday. i would like to retire there actually. the italians are so kind and, well, the food is to die for. take care.