07 June 2010

Weekend Update

The semester is almost over! I have to just put the grades in and get over my cold, hence the lack of posting. Hopefully everything will be done by Thursday and then I am free until the 21st, when I start teaching the summer session - a six week dash till early August; grades are due by August 11 at noon and then on August 11 at 5:45 pm, I will be on a plane to Italy!

The family and I went out to Long Island this past weekend (with a weeeeee quick pit-stop at the Kate Spade outlet, where I picked up the Keswick Caning studs in gold, Little Sis got the same ones in the drop earring style) for an engagement party.

My camera died so there aren't that many pictures. Still, we had a good time:
My sister, mom and I
The Aussie and IMy dad and I

It was so hot, The Aussie stole my vintage Japanese fan that I brought with me:
It has been very hot in NYC this past weekend and just now, we got a bit of a break. Still, its so cold at work, that I have to wear a cardigan and even my new Ptarmigan cowl that I finished last month.

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  1. beautiful pictures of you, your family & The Aussie. i love your dress, too. thanks for sharing and take care.