20 September 2010

Begone, Fugly Pillows!

I recieved the pillow covers I ordered from west elm last Thursday and eagerly tore into the box (I like getting mail. Even if it's just a postcard from somewhere beyond the NYC area).

But, I encountered a little problem. My fugly "70s TV Room" (as my friend S put it) pillows were too big and the pillow cases too small (the cases are 16x16). In addition, the alpaca pillow shed a bit and the silk profile pillow was a little too shiny because it is silk. The Aussie liked the idea of the silk pillow for our bed (and get another one for "his and her" sides of the bed) but "Better if it were of cotton."


When The Aussie and I were at Pottery Barn this weekend to look at curtains, I picked up the Textured Linen pillow cover in Blue Smoke and returned the west elm pillows since the store was a few blocks down Broadway.

What do you think?
I am so happy with them! In fact, the FPs (fugly pillows) actually fit and stuff the pillow cover better than any Pottery Barn insert - they don't loose their fluff and still have structure. Now I know what size the FPs are - 18x18 - so that I can change it up in the future. I still might get a lumbar pillow and either a smaller or larger pillow in a print to spruce up the couch a bit more.

Phase 1 of decorating the living room - Operation Begone, Fugly Pillows - is complete.

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  1. Love the pillow covers. If you want a postcard from beyond the NYC area, I can send you one from Germany!