30 September 2010

Buon Viaggio! Part 1: We Landed, We Saw, We Walked

On our first day in Italy, The Aussie and I dropped our stuff off at the hotel (which was one train stop outside of Venice, in Mestre), freshened up and proceeded to walk around Venice for 7 hours.

It was worth it.
 What started as a search for a particular restaurant and mask shop that Little Sister found when she went to Venice became a whole loop of Venice and exploring the tiny, narrow alleys and coming up on shops that wouldn't otherwise be mentioned in a guidebook.

The alleys were really narrow at some points.
 The Aussie began to obsess and bemoan the fact that he couldn't bring back the really good prosciutto home.
We came across a mask maker in his workshop,
 and crossed the Rialto Bridge to walk around St. Mark's Square.
 Then we did some more exploring:
 We also started to drink alot of wine and espresso, and eat alot of gelato. I supplemented this diet later with prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella. Yum.

Our hotel had an amazing breakfast - complete with mini nutella packets to go with my toast.
 Our second day in Italy took us to the Palace of the Doges and the Secret Itineraries tour. We saw the prison of Casanova, and went into the attic of the palace. To get to the Palace, we decided to go via the Grand Canal - but not on a gondola. We did the local thing and rode a vaporetto along the canal.
 The Palace was really amazing, even though we only saw a small part of it. Still, it was the really good part - the Palace is open for people to walk around with regular admission, but only the tour takes you to Casanova's prison and other deeper parts of the Palace. While we waited for the tour to start, I knitted my socks.
 After the Palace, I finally convinced The Aussie to go to Murano. We rode in a teeny tiny vaporetto (we later learned that it was so small so it can clear the low bridges) across the Venetian lagoon in the middle of a thunderstorm.
 Murano was quiet, but very pretty. We didn't see any glassblowers because they were on vacation (August is the worst time of year to go to Europe but we didn't miss out on much).
 Keeping the time in mind, we took the vaporetto back to the train station (in another bout of thunderstorms) got our things and headed to Florence with the Eurostar.

Up next: Firenze!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like an amazing honeymoon!