27 September 2010

Buon Viaggio! Prologue

So now I am finally (after a month) getting around to the Italian Honeymoon recap. Honestly, there are SO many photos (687!) that I am going to break this whole she-bang down into four parts: Venice, Florence, Rome and a Surprise Bonus. After that, I'll post the link to our photo albums so you can see everything.

To get us all in the mood - riddle me this: in which film was there a scene of a famous actress walking down the Spanish Steps eating an ice cream cone? 

Not exactly us walking down the Spanish Steps with an ice cream cone, but a bit of a teaser:
Clearly, I had my priorities.


  1. Oooh! is it roman Holiday w/ Audrey?

  2. Like Things to Do, I'm guessing Roman Holiday, one of my all time favorites!