14 September 2010

Figs For Fall

Although the semester just started, the Writing Center isn't open until next week which means I still have time to putter about, knit, spin (new hobby!), begin decorating the apartment (more on that in the future) and more importantly, cook. And bake.

After seeing this fig tart recipe over at Figs, Lavender and Cheese, I knew I just had to make it.

This coming from someone who kinda stinks at cooking (but can make a mean lasagna and apple pie). Still Cindy is a real inspiration in the kitchen - I love her blog and the food she posts on it. It gives me hope that yes, I can cook and bake. Even in a teeny tiny NYC kitchen.

Have to say, the food processor is my best friend. But lets look at some figs, shall we?After posting the pics to my knitting group's forum, I got alot of the same question: "Where did you get figs?!?!?!"

My answer pretty much went like this: "At the local fruit market down the block from my apartment?" I was even able to get California figs too boot - but I'm guessing they are pretty hard to find on the East Coast. There are 2 fruit markets and 2 supermarkets within a 2 block radius in my neighborhood and only 1 had the figs.

I guess this is one of the benefits of living in a Greek/Mediterranean enclave - we still get the goods without having to schlep over to fancy Whole Foods for them. Still, I had to make The Aussie go to Whole Foods for marscapone cheese after work and non-stone ground corn meal (which I later learned, both the local supermarkets have. But this is proof of me being a cooking neophyte: I didn't know what non-stone ground corn meal looked like).
It was delicious. My apartment smelled of rosemary while the crust baked. The Aussie only tried a bit ("Not that big a fan of figs") but my family came over and noshed away. There is still half of it left.

All for me, then. Which is not a bad thing, at all.

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