19 September 2010

Finally Fixed and Admitting an Addiction

In case anyone has met my blog with nothing but a blank white screen for the past few months, it was me, not you. Thanks to Kiki (Hi Kiki!!!) I finally figured out my blogger template.

Sadly, I had to get rid of my old template which, made me pretty proud given my sheer lack of graphic design skills. This particular background picture caught my eye because of the warm colors and the chair itself. Figured I need a little bit of decor inspiration (I have to return two of the west elm pillows. They don't fit the fugly ones. Sigh.)

Also changed my profile picture too - it's another kate spade ad. I know. I'm a big sucker for them (there is a folder on my hard drive marked "kate spade ads"), but I did not run out and get the new iPhone4 case from kate spade. It's silicone. I want a hardshell case. Was kinda proud of myself that I resisted the temptation.

(ETA: Oh dear. They do have a hardshell case. In POLKA DOTS. Polka dots is my downfall. Just come have a look in my china closet - I got the kate spade sag harbor serving dishes and soup/cereal bowls in the navy stripe and polka dot prints. ).

Now I just have to stop obsessing about this dress that I would get around Christmastime if it's still there (and if I get back into a size 8 by then) for the 2, possibly 3 weddings I will be attending next year.

Did I mention that when I went to a job interview on Friday, I had kate spade earrings, silk shell, bag AND shoes?

I need to join a kate spade 12-step program.

(On second thought, most definitely not).

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  1. wishing you good luck on the job front. i am also looking for work now that my son is in kindergarten. i'm submitting my picture to casting agencies to be an extra in film and tv here. who knew that the Atl area was a mini-Hollywood. Jen Aniston is here now filming, and so is Jennifer Love Hewitt. thanks for the "shout-out" and i really do love the new blog background and header. take care.