20 September 2010

The Four Week Dinner Plan

The Aussie got his hands of my October issue of Real Simple before I had a chance to thoughtfully peruse it, complete with colored MUJI pens and sticky tabs (yes, I am that person).

One of the features that caught his eye (among other things, like Decorating with Gray - now he wants to paint our living room gray but that's another story) was the Four Week Dinner Plan. He likes the recipe section and I suggested that we try every single recipe for the next four weeks.

Real Simple's recipes were in fact the main reason why I subscribed - I tried a few from the website, realized I didn't burn the food or the apartment and had some tasty, easy meals. Win!

The rules of the game, so to speak was originally to go for each recipe when specifically stated, but we had shrimp in the freezer so we first went with Curry Shrimp and Snow Peas, which was for Monday of Week 2. I think the Real Simple gods won't mind, since the idea is to use what we have first (and they like to tout things like that).

Every week, I'll post a roundup with photos and reviews.

A bit of a sneak peak for Week 1: that Curry Shrimp was AMAZING. I went for seconds.

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