21 September 2010

I'm Looking for an étagère

I was flipping through Real Simple (again) when this piece in the "One Room, 3 Ways" feature caught my eye:See the red shelf system in the back? That's an étagère. And I am on the hunt for a curvy-ish one. Something that is slim, slender and not just looking like a box, or else it would look like it belongs in a bathroom. I want to put it on the other side of the couch and get rid of our $7 lack tables, or just have one in front of my pharmacy lamp which is on the other side of the couch.

So far, my google searches have come up with a Cindy Crawford étagère from JCPenney:
It is on sale, but I would like to see the price go down a bit further and see what else is out there. I also want to do a little more research. Any suggestions on where I can find affordable étagères?

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately I'm at a loss for where you can find one (I've been living out of the states for a long time now) but the Cindy Crawford piece is actually quite nice. Good luck with your hunt!