27 September 2010

Round and Round I Unfortunately Wasn't Able to Go

Crossed another off my 26 Before 26 List!

#1: Visit the Guggenheim Museum.

My friend K came up from Florida where she is a law student to visit her family here for a few days, and she was able to squeeze in a trip to the Guggenheim Museum so we could hang out together this past Friday.
If anyone has been keeping tabs on the column to your left where my 26 Before 26 List is, visiting the Guggenheim is at the very top because simply, it was the first thing to come into my head.
For years, I've always gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art - one of my most memorable trips was in the 5th grade at Christmastime after reading From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. My class sat down in front of the medieval screen to compare what we read about in the book with the museum and there was a Christmas tree. I still have my tattered copy.When I was in college, my friends and I would trek crosstown from campus and hang there because it was so cheap to go (hint: don't pay the suggested fee. I pay a dollar. They are loaded).

The Guggenheim is amazing as a part of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural repertoire. I love how it looks. As a museum in and of itself, my reaction runs along the lines of "meh." It is an amazing building to look at and in fact, last Friday was the first time I ever saw it in real life. I never really had occasion to go up to that neck of the woods (my stomping grounds are more in the Upper West Side, the Flatiron District and Union Square). But I wasn't particularly awed by the collection. To each her own.
I'll admit - I am a bit biased here because they were installing a new exhibition and thus the ramps were closed, so we couldn't see all of the collections. Still for $8 (reduced admission) it was not that bad.

Hands down, the Met is still my favorite. I've been to the MoMA and still need to check out the Whitney, but nothing can top the Met here.

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  1. Ah, the Met. One of my favorite-ever places. I haven't been to the Guggenheim, so I can't compare, but the Met is just so amazing.