17 September 2010

A Spiffy Bike I Aspire To Ride

When we were in Italy, I may have overshopped a bit.

Just a bit.

The Aussie on the other hand, refused to get anything for himself - except for truffles, and a cashmere scarf for himself. Why, you ask?

When we got back from Italy, he took the unspent money, converted it back to dollars, and treated himself to a pair of fancy cycling wheels in lieu of his upcoming 30th birthday. You don't want to know how much they were (the wheels alone were about the price of a high-end aluminum road bike). I was supposed to get one of those wheels for his birthday and now I am scrambling for a really, really good 30th bday gift.

Have to say with his new frame (his old one had a crack in the carbon frame and Orbea replaced it for free) the wheels do look quite spiffy. Now he is working on getting a spiffy seat that fits him.One day, I'll have a spiffy carbon fiber bike. With spiffy wheels that go whiiiirrrr!!! too.

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