26 September 2010

Thrift Shop Finds

The other day I popped into the local thrift shop on my way to the gym earlier this week in search of a letter holder to hold our mail that didn't look like it came from Staples (I was bidding on an antique English silver toast rack, but lost). No letter holder to be had, but I did come out with these beauties:
I got the milk glass vase (jar?) for The Aussie to hold his wedding ring and collar stays so that they don't clutter the bedside table, and so I can take away the ring bowl from our wedding and use it as a Christmas ornament and keepsake instead, which is what he is currently using now. It has "Avon" stamped on the bottom. Now its on our beside table along with the sea urchin tealight set I got from a local interiors shop called Inside Astoria.

The half-liter carafe was a bit of an impluse buy; I saw them all the time in Italy when we were having wine, and it reminded me of our honeymoon (which reminds me to remember to post some pics! I have to wait for the weekend when I have more time).

I'm thinking of using it as a vase or even as a carafe itself. Anyone have any other creative ideas for a carafe?

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