19 September 2010

Trains, Trains and Well, Trains

I love subways/metros/undergrounds/chikatestus. You name it - if it's underground and a train, I love it. If it's a light rail, I love it. If it's a high speed Eurostar, I love it. Sadly, I never got a chance to go on the shinkansen when I lived in Japan.

I also love subway maps (and maps in general!). When I lived in London and in Kyoto, I made it a point to bring a NYC subway map with me so I can post it to my wall.

So in case anyone was wondering where I got my header photo from check it out: nycsubway.org (Image 6573). I figured it's pretty apt; Astoria is the Greek/Mediterranean enclave and they mostly use lemon juice and olive oil only for flavor in their recipes, hence the name of the blog.

If anyone is interested in a really great history of the NYC subway and public transportation system (and history of NYC in general) check out The Bowery Boys podcast - they just did a series of podcasts about the Staten Island Ferry, the trolleys and elevated lines and the subway system itself. It's one of my faves; I always learn something new, even though I have lived here all my life.

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