31 March 2011

Trying to Find Inner Peace.

One two separate occasions this week, I almost quit my job. The one at the tutoring center that is. I could go on and on for a good 20 minutes about how poorly run and dirty it is, how my coworkers are immature dirty hipsters and how most students mistreat tutors in terms of what we are supposed to do.

But I won't. Because I have done so and I am trying to just survive there these days. I totally disagreed with something my day supervisor did to me today and she never lets anyone get a word in, so I decided from now on to just keep my mouth shut, and leave there on a good note.

I hope to never come back. You can get too comfortable there. One of my coworkers, who is also an adjunct told me that after his son was born he had an epiphany on how he realized that he was there for 10 years and does not know what to do next.

Don't get me wrong I love my classes. I have a good rapport with students (one called me a "groovy teacher" this week) and I get to teach them about Japan through writing and can change it up in a couple of years. For me, given that I will be teaching Special Education in the public schools this fall and going for my second Master's, I'm content with doing the professor thing on the side.

But the tutoring can suck the life and soul out of you.

That being said, I hope just getting this out there will purge me of the negativity and stress I've had as of late. I'm stress eating again, which isn't doing me any good. And while Curves really helped me lose the weight I needed so I can fit into my wedding dress, it isn't working anymore. My knees have also been bothering me as of late. That part is hereditary. But it's getting worse.

After realizing that this summer when I begin my program to become a teacher (there is a mandatory accelerated summer session) I will not be able to go to Curves at all. The timing won't work and it's not open Sundays. I'm also hoping to swing a Saturday class at the college to make a little extra money. Curves is open from 9-2 on Saturdays, so I can't make it there then.

I reconfigured my budget, and I am going to start going to Yoga at the studio in my neighborhood. I've been there before and Little Sister goes there too, so I know the teachers are great. I'm going to start again Hot Yoga (various forms) and they also have beginners Pilates classes on Sunday mornings. With the may my schedule is this semester, I can go Fridays-Mondays and maybe swing a Tuesday depending on how my body feels.

I am actually looking really forward to it - I know my body is going to be crying after this weekend, but it will be a good thing, especially if it also helps me regain a bit of my inner mental peace and help me feel a bit better and stronger about myself.

It also helps that Little Sister got me a new yoga bag since she took mine when she started up yoga. Pretty, no?

29 March 2011

In Search Of...

...new blogs to read. When I was in Japan, I had a whole slew of "bloggy friends" as a explained to my mom. I commented alot, they commented on my blog and you all kept me company especially when I was just rambling away and a bit homesick.

Some of them I still blog and tweet with, and after my blogging hiatus, I'd like to get back into the swing of things.

So, my previous and current bloggy friends, any new people to meet? Say for an almost 27-year old who is a teacher, native New Yorker, wannabe traveler, sometime cook, knitter, and a newlywed who dresses like a prep (although branching out a bit more. JCrew stinks these days).

27 March 2011

27 Before 27. Let's Do This.

Here is my list for 27 Before 27, as always inspired by Janet from the Slice of Pink blog. I am starting a bit late, and am running out of ideas - so I have left a few blank and up to you. Some were leftovers from last year because I still want to do them, but didn't get to. Any suggestions?

1. Pass my NYSTCE Exams (to become a certified teacher, starting in the public schools this fall!).
2. Visit a Long Island winery.
3. Get back to riding my bike and master the clipless pedals.
4. Master 4 of my favorite childhood recipes: PastitsioAvgolemonowith Chicken (my kind of chicken soup) Karidopita andGalaktobureko.
5. Knit a sweater.
6. Lose 10 pounds - and keep it off.
7. Begin going to yoga in the summer.
8. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and back.
11. Hiking somewhere in the Catskills or Bear Mountain.
15. Go to the Brooklyn Flea market on weekend.
16. Submit my master's thesis to scholarly journals.
17. Have a Mad Men-themed birthday/cocktail party for my 27th (and maybe The Aussie's 31st)
20. See live Greek music.
21. Learn how to sew.
22. Read a new book for each month left in the year (starting in March, try and make up January and February).
24. Spin my own yarn (and not just practice spinning).
25. Apple picking.
26. Print out and create/finish my London and Japan photo albums; create a wedding album.
27. Get my learner's permit.

26 Before 26: The Final Roundup

If anyone is interested in what I did accomplish before I turned 26, here is the final tally and the details for most of them:

1. Visit the Guggenheim
2. Ride in the Tour de BrooklynTour de Queens, or complete a century ride - since my first one ended up with me in the ER (did the Tour de Queens)
3. Go to a museum exhibition (Tim Burton at the MoMA
4. See another ballet besides The Nutcracker (I ended up with 3 ballets and 1 opera this past performance season)
5. Go to a country/area of the United States I haven't been to yet (Italy!)
6. Go to a trivia night/quizzo at a bar (Went in August to the trivia night at Black Rabbit in Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
7. Go to one of the yarn/wool/craft festivals (Maryland Sheep & Wool)
8. Knit a throw blanket (I did the Hemlock Ring Blanket for my in-laws for Christmas)

Hmm. If anything, I did accomplish alot of the big stuff (that blanket took me 4 months!). 

Listing is a Good Thing.

Hey all...is there anyone still interested in my random ramblings? Hope so. Anyway, it's been very busy here in my neck of the woods for the past several months, so I figured a list is the best way to summarize what's been going on:

1. I had to teach evenings and Saturdays last Fall, which really messed up my personal life and my blogging mojo. The students were great, but the schedule wasn't. On top of that, I was "lucky" (the word being used loosely here) to get a second class during the 6 week winter session. The good thing was that I didn't have to work at the tutoring center (which I am hating with a passion. Not the working with students part - well a bit - but the coworkers and annoying boss part. There are dirty hipsters at my job. Gross.) but I had to teach the equivalent of 4 classes and get the papers back to students twice as fast.

2. Knitting took up a lot of my time because it was the best way for me to relax in spite of all the craziness at work. Yes, teaching can be a psycho profession at times. Especially when you had to speak with a student outside in the hall and security got involved. Let's just say I have learned from that and moved beyond it. But I have been getting into knitting alot more - so much so that I have a podcast now! I keep it a bit separate from this blog but if anyone is interested, check it out.

I've been interviewing designers, talking about my knitting projects and the learning experience as I try and become a better knitter. And talk about knitting on the subway and travel knitting because for those have have read my previous blogs (the one in Japan and the one when I was in grad school) you know I like to travel. If I do mention knitting here, it will probably be when I finish a project. Currently working on a sweater and socks.

3. Speaking of traveling, I did do a bit of it recently. I went down to Florida with my sister to see my yiayia and my mom's family. That will be a post in and of itself. One of my personal goals is to go somewhere every year (preferably international) but you see there is this thing that comes with being an adult called taxes. Ugh. I got so screwed this year because my paperwork got messed up. So that meant even a trip to Montreal (which is an 8 hour drive) was out of the question simply because of the expense of staying at a hotel and paying to eat out.

So, The Aussie and I are driving down (with my parent's new car, they trust The Aussie with it) over my Easter break to the Middle of Nowhere, South Carolina (aka Greenwood? Greenville? I get the 2 mixed up) to see his parents because they recently moved down there. I insisted on a side trip to Savannah. We got a deluxe room at the Holiday Inn Express with a balcony and view of the bay in Savannah for $50 because his parents are Platinum members. So, in a way we are going somewhere new.

4. Twitter. It totally killed my blog. I got a twitter account to keep up with the girls in my knitting group (who are all over the country) so we save on text messages and I just got hooked. Did more tweeting than blogging.

So, all in all it's been a crazy past several months. I do plan to finish up my Italian honeymoon recap, and a summary of my Florida trip and how I did on my 26 Before 26 List. A few months late, but I am going to work on a 27 Before 27 list.

Oh, and by the way, like the new layout? I figured it would be perfect for Spring, even though the weather has been such a bloody tease. Today is the Greek Independence Day parade and I refuse to go because it's 10-20 degrees below the normal temperature.