01 April 2011

Bit Better.

Went to yoga - got my introductory 1 month unlimited membership and took a Hot Yoga Flow class. In case no one has never heard of Hot Yoga Flow, here is the class description:

A powerful blend of the healing postures of Hot Yoga with the strengthening flow of Heated Vinyasa. This class balances the entire body by strengthening, opening and flushing all the anatomical systems. The sequence is thoughtfully designed for all levels and with continued practice promises to become a moving meditation. The postures have no end nor does the perfect, ultimate posture exist. Hot Yoga Flow is a yoga practice students can evolve and enjoy throughout their lifetime. 

Here is a couple of things I picked up from the class:

1. I hate hate hate the plank. Boo hiss. 
2. Because I have overtight Achilles tendons (I "bounce" when I walk because I can't put my heel down all the way. I have to think "heel, toe, heel, toe." Ironically this doesn't help me wear heels) I can't do a really proper Downward Facing Dog. 
4. My lower back is very tight. 
5. I need good yoga shorts/capris for hot yoga. 
6. Mixing Gatorade with water does really help. The only reason why I stopped because 1 position was a bit difficult for me to do and I got out of Child's Pose too quickly and was lightheaded. 
7. Oh my poor knees. I have really bad knees - and it' not because of injury, but genetics. They creak. I'm hoping yoga will help. 

My body was shaking after class which was because I was using new muscles. Hoo, boy. I think I am going to be in it tomorrow. But I have a date with Little Sister to go to the 4:30 Hot Yoga Flow class and want to make my unlimited pass worth the money. 

Have to say, I do feel a bit better mentally. More relaxed, at least. 

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