05 April 2011

Dear Spring,

Please stop acting like the chorus of "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry. I need an excuse to get my Sperrys.

In other news, I survived my first full week of yoga (if you count Friday-Tuesday as the week, because I go on Friday-Sunday and either Monday and/or Tuesday due to my schedule). Not that bad! Today in hot vinyasa, I accomplished this one pose that starts in downward facing dog, lift a leg and open the hip then twist over with the opposite arm so that you are now facing the ceiling.

My hamstrings are lengthening too which is a good thing. Little by little. I am always worried about injuring myself because I have bad knees which means I can't support myself fully on the one leg when doing things like standing splits and it's not because of injury but rather genetics. Joy. So I take time outs when needed but still need to push myself.

Sick of the yoga talk yet? Hope it's alright but if anything writing it down helps me motivate myself to go more.

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  1. We need more lemon juice and olive oil! Been a while!