04 April 2011

I Just Realized!

By starting up yoga this weekend, I inadvertently crossed off one item on my 27 Before 27 List: start up yoga. I meant to start in the summer but decided to start earlier. Woot! Still taking suggestions to fill in the blanks. I think one of them will be to ride from my apartment in Queens over the Queensboro bridge (I refuse to call it the Koch Bridge) all the way down to South Street Seaport and then take the ferry to Governor's Island in the summer with The Aussie and my sister for a picnic. Or at least take our bikes on the subway to South Street and take the ferry to the island.

And in even more woot, my yoga bag came in today. I LOVE it. Very well made! Chella Bella is awesome when it comes to well-made and pretty yoga bags that are really unique. Can't wait to carry my yoga mat with me when I go to Hot Vinyasa tomrrow (couldn't make it to hot yoga today because I had a really bad stomachache).


  1. I would do the Staten Island Ferry instead. You can ride out to the Fort (where the NYC marathon starts) and there is the historic fort to walk through. The Gov Island ferry can be really weird. Just my opinion though! :-)

  2. Maybe I can do both! Riding the Staten Island Ferry is just as a must as is crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.