27 before 27

1. Pass my NYSTCE Exams
2. Visit a Long Island winery
3. Get back to riding my bike and master the clipless pedals
4. Master 4 of my favorite childhood recipes: Pastitsio, Avgolemono with Chicken (my kind of chicken soup) Karidopita and Galaktobureko
5. Knit a sweater
6. Lose 10 pounds - and keep it off
7. Begin going to yoga in the summer
8. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and back
11. Hiking somewhere in the Catskills or Bear Mountain
13. Decorate my apartment
15. Go to the Chelsea Flea market on weekend
16. Submit my master's thesis to scholarly journals
17. Have a Mad Men-themed birthday/cocktail party
20. See live Greek music
21. Learn how to sew
22. Read a new book for each month left in the year
24. Spin my own yarn (and not just practice spinning)
25. Apple picking
26. Print out and create/finish my London and Japan photo albums; create a wedding album.
27. Get my learner's permit