about lemon juice and olive oil

So why call the blog "lemon juice and olive oil"?

My family is Greek - my dad came straight from Greece in 1976 (a small town 18 kilometers away from the northern border in the Macedonian part of Greece) and my mom was born in Canada to Greek parents who immigrated from Sparta in the early 1950s.

So, we use lemon juice and olive oil alot in our cooking. My great-grandmother Eleni even had an olive orchard in the Kalamata region as part of her dowry.

It has since stopped producing olives sadly because of the severe Greek summers and the fires several years ago, but when I was a child, my mom would get huge canisters of olive oil and olives straight from that orchard shipped to our house. I would eat those olives like they were candy, and refused to eat any other.

Eleni used to sit and score each olive manually with a small knife for hours in the corner of her kitchen. Today, I can get my own pick of many kinds of olives, but I will always go for the Kalamata ones at the supermarket.

When The Aussie and I started living together, he despaired at my near constant use of just lemon juice and olive oil in my cooking. Being Filipino-Australian himself (and a very good cook), he uses canola, peanut and corn oil in his cooking. I pretty much looked at him in shock - "What do you mean, you use vegetable oil to make french fries with?!?!" was my reaction.

This blog is about my adventures as a newlywed, and a mid-twenty-something navigating life in New York City and trying new things as listed in the "about me" section on the left side.

One day, I will truly get my driver's license. But for now, I have succeeded in getting The Aussie to use more olive oil in his cooking.